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Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Printing

Pattaya, Bangkok, Thailand

Our mission is to provide quality, full custom team uniforms and event merchandise delivered on time at a very competitive price. We use state-of-the-art machinery in every step of the process to make your custom apparel and uniforms just how you want them to be, stylish and unique, good quality and yet cost-effective. For custom printed T-shirts, Polos,Hoodies and other apparel please contact us for a quote.

Sublimation is a printing process during which the ink is impregnated into the fabric in gas form. A sublimated print cannot be felt on the surface of the garment nor does it impede the technical performance of the fabric. This custom printing process is ideal for team uniforms, T shirt printing, shorts or any technical garments that require custom printing and designs with more complicated elements and multiple colors.

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At Pattaya Printspace we believe in quality. We also believe our clients deserve the very best. Therefore, we are committed to going that extra mile to ensure the fabrics used to manufacture our garments are of the highest grade and quality.

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We take pride in being able to fully customize your shirts and polos and other apparel according to whatever artwork designs you present so that your brand can stand out. Where your ideas come to life.

Affordable Garment Printing

Our clients are always pleasantly surprised when they compare the quality of our work with the modest amount we charge for our services. This means that with PPS you get more and pay less without conceding on quality.

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All artwork must be provided in a vector based artfile (ideally in .ai format). If you need help with your artwork, or design please don’t hesitate to let us know. 

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Once we confirm your final order details (artwork, styles, order quantities and shipping details) and upon receipt of full payment we will send your order into production immediately. Aprox. 3-4 Weeks to completion.

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In a climate that offers constantly high temperatures combined with elevated levels of humidity, outdoor sportswear has to be light, comfortable and able to handle serious levels of perspiration. Luckily, modern day synthetic fibres, including polyester manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, can fulfil these requirements and with advancements in the world of sublimation printing it is now fast and simple to create your own custom t shirts and team shirts.

 At Pattaya Print Space, one of Thailand’s premier sublimation t-shirt printing companies, we have the expertise, experience and cutting-edge equipment to produce high quality custom sublimation t-shirts at a price that you may find hard to believe.

 We take care of every stage of the process under one roof, from assisting with or creating designs, printing, cutting and sewing to dispatch, which allows us to exercise our own high standards of quality control to guarantee that our customers are never left disappointed with our work.

 Polyester shirts hold several advantages over cotton and other fabrics. For the wearer, they are lighter and even when saturated with sweat weigh less than cotton shirts, they assist in removing sweat away from the surface of the skin, and moisture evaporates from the surface of the fabric much more rapidly, aiding the process of keeping the body cool. 

 And when it comes to applying your own design to a shirt, you are only limited by your imagination – if it can be created on an appropriate computer application, it can be printed onto your shirt. There are virtually no restrictions regarding colours or the level of detailing on your design!

As the process of sublimation printing becomes ever more accessible, so has the demand for custom t shirt printing to promote businesses, clubs and teams. At Pattaya Print Space one of the most well established sublimation tshirt printing companies in this part of Thailand, we are specialists in supplying custom team shirts not only to the local community but around the world.

Sublimation printing only works on polyester-based fabrics, but modern polyester material comes in a variety of styles at PPS, some of which contain a percentage of cotton and offer a completely different texture to what you may expect compared to traditional polyester. However, unlike screen printing, the process has absolutely no limits in terms of design or colour so your imagination is the only limitation to the finished look of your custom sublimation t shirts.

And if you have an idea or concept for the design of your shirt but not the ability to produce the appropriate images for us to work with, our team of designers will be glad to sit with you and create exactly what you want.

Alongside t shirts, we can also supply a wide range of other apparel, including custom printed polos, custom Muay Thai shorts, caps, hoodies and long pants, all with your own design and logos.

Whenever you need t shirt printing in Pattaya, Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand, whether to promote your business or service, or simply an esports custom gaming shirt, PPS will deliver high quality goods on time, every time.

 Many customers do provide their own custom artwork but if you need some assistance or guidance with this our on-site experienced graphic artists will be able to help, and once your design is completed and transferred to our system, confirmation that it is exactly what you envisaged will be sought prior to printing.

 We also provide a selection of varied polyester fabrics that offer slightly different qualities, including some that do contain some cotton, to give a cotton feel whilst still maintain all the benefits of polyester. Again, we can help you select the most appropriate fabric for your shirt. Whatever fabric you choose, you can be sure that the colours will be resistant to fading and will be as vibrant after continued use as the day they were printed.

 Our custom-printed polo shirts are a popular choice for staff uniforms for non-formal settings, whilst shirts with or without sleeves, your choice of collar style, singlets, and vests are sought after by sports teams and clubs across the country. In addition, we can supply other items of apparel such as custom Muay Thai shorts, esports custom gaming shirts and training jackets & trousers, hoodies tops bandanas, and much more too.

 At PPS our philosophy is to provide absolute satisfaction to every one of our customers and our dedication to this has led to our reputation as many people’s choice for t-shirt printing, not just in Pattaya and nearby Bangkok, but across the whole of Thailand.

As one the foremost sublimation T shirt printing companies in Pattaya, PPS has been successfully fulfilling orders for t shirt printing for sports clubs, schools and other organisations, not only locally but across the whole of Thailand and beyond.

Custom sublimation t shirts are in high demand due to the relative ease in creating striking and unique designs that can help your team stand out from the crowd – and when you factor in the comfort afforded and easy-care requirements, it’s easy to see why.

At PPS we produce and supply so much more than sports and esports custom gaming shirts; our custom printed polo shirts are hugely popular for staff working in bars, nightclubs and retail outlets, and are a very affordable and practical way in which you can advertise and promote your business. In addition, we can supply a wide variety of sports trousers and shorts, such as the ever-popular custom muay Thai shorts which are available in a comprehensive range of sizes.

If you have a design of your own, or even just a concept for your custom t shirt printing, at PPS, we can help you. Our talented graphic designers will be happy to work with you to produce the design you want on your shirts or shorts, or we can simply use your own art work.

When you are looking for tshirt printing in Pattaya or Bangkok, here at PPS we will guarantee a friendly yet highly professional level of service that you won’t be able to match elsewhere.

In the competitive arena of t shirt printing in Thailand, Pattaya Print Space maintains our position as the number one choice of sublimation tshirt printing companies serving Bangkok and beyond, through the quality of service that we provide.

With our team of designers and state of the art sublimation printing facilities all under one roof in our base in Pattaya, producing custom printed polo shirts and custom sublimation t shirts to our customer’s specific requests is second nature to us.

Sublimation printing is ideally suited to polyester fabrics and results in colours and designs that are impervious to fading or deterioration whether it be from repeated washes or being exposed to bright sunlight – but we also have a selection of fabrics that contain cotton which offer a different texture and feel to 100% polyester materials.

With a choice of fabrics and unlimited colour and design opportunities, custom t shirt printing is a great option for producing custom team and work shirts, and the lightweight, easy-care fabrics being perfect for outdoor activities as well as a hugely popular option for esports custom gaming shirts.

In addition to custom t shirt printing, we also supply a range of other products including custom Muay Thai shorts, long tracksuit bottoms and jackets.

With an unrivalled friendly yet professional service with countless repeat customers all over Thailand and beyond, let us look after all of your T shirt printing in Pattaya and throughout Thailand. We promise that you won’t be disappointed with our service or our products!

 At Pattaya Print Space, we have developed a large and loyal customer base, not only in Pattaya, but in Bangkok and across the whole of Thailand, providing a wide range of customised sports and leisure wear for sports clubs, entertainment venues and similar organisations. Lightweight but highly durable polyester-based t shirts, polo shirts, shorts and other apparel are subjected to the dye sublimation process of printing which makes creating your own unique design with unlimited options easier than ever.

Our custom clothing and custom printed t shirts, now available in Phuket, are guaranteed not to fade after washes or even when constantly exposed to strong sunlight. Our garment care is simple and straightforward, making us the number one choice for an ever-increasing number of individuals and organisations.

If you are looking for the best option for t-shirt printing in Phuket, contact us at Pattaya Print Space, for friendly and professional advice. You can either supply us your own design and logos, or allow our talented team of designers to work with you to create the exact look you are searching for to perfectly represent you and your team. Whether you are in Phuket looking for fight wear, football kits or staff uniforms, we can fulfil your requirements with a full range of gents, ladies and kids specific sizes and fits available. And if you have a time sensitive order with or an exceptionally large order, we will be delighted to work with you to ensure your order is completed on time.

Custom sublimation t shirts and custom printed polo shirts are an ever increasingly popular way for sports clubs and businesses to promote their brand in a readily accessible and affordable manner, and at Pattaya Print Space we undertake t shirt printing not just for Pattaya but across Thailand. As one of the country’s premier sublimation t shirt printing companies we offer excellent high-quality products at an unbelievable price, providing custom team shirts, polo shirts for bars, restaurants and clubs as well as custom Muay Thai shorts – all created to look exactly the way you imagined them.

With virtually no restrictions on colours or images with our custom t shirt printing, we can work from your own creative designs and logos, but are equally as happy to work alongside you to create a new design – whether you require esports custom gaming shirts in Bangkok or custom clothing in Phuket.

At PPS we always demonstrate a ‘can do’ attitude and prioritise customer satisfaction leading to countless repeat customers who rely on our service to fulfil their needs for t-shirt printing in Bangkok and Phuket, school sports shirts in Pattaya and more. Furthermore, with several fabric options, choices of collars and sleeves – plus the addition of personalised labels and tags your garments, whether they be Phuket fight wear or service staff uniforms in Bangkok, will be truly unique.

For all of your custom t shirt printing from Phuket to Pattaya and beyond, call one of our friendly team here at PPS, we will be delighted to help you.

At Pattaya Print Space, one of the most prominent sublimation tshirt printing companies in Thailand, we have been fulfilling customers requests for custom team shirts, custom Muay Thai shorts and a wide range of other apparel for more than a decade, and the success of our business is based on consistently high-quality products matched with very affordable prices. 

From the design concept of your custom sublimation t shirt to the final despatch, we take care of every step of the process, applying our own exceptional quality control standards at every stage to ensure that your finished articles will never leave you disappointed.

From T shirt printing for schools and sports teams in Pattaya to providing Phuket with fight wear, custom printed polo shirts for bars and restaurants and esports custom gaming shirts all over the country – and internationally, we have been helping promote brands and identify teams with vibrant and imaginative designs that do not fade with wear or washing.

With a range of polyester based fabrics, and a full range of gents, ladies and kids sizes we undertake t shirt printing for delighted customers in Bangkok and Phuket, but we do much more than just t shirt printing in Thailand – we also supply a wide range of custom and printed clothing including shorts, hoodies and caps to Bangkok and Phuket.

When you require custom sublimation t shirt printing for your organisation in Pattaya, Phuket or Bangkok look no further than Pattaya Print Space where we will assure you complete satisfaction every time.

The advent of sublimation printing has opened up a world of endless opportunities for creating unique bespoke clothing that is highly functional and stylish – and at Pattaya Print Space we have been supplying affordable custom sublimation t shirts and other items of individualised apparel to businesses, sports clubs and other similar groups for years.

Compared to older styles of fabric printing, sublimation offers many advantages; there are virtually no limits placed upon your design – you can add your own logo and utilise as many colours as you like, safe in the knowledge that the colours will never deteriorate, even after multiple washes or extensive exposure to sunlight. 

At PPS the range of products that we supply is extensive, featuring many styles of shirts – including custom printed polo shirts, sleeveless vests, and esports custom gaming shirts, and extending to hoodies, jackets, track suit bottoms, and custom Muay Thai shorts. Furthermore, as we undertake every step of the production process, from design to sewing and packing, at our own location, you can be assured that there will never be any compromise in the outstanding quality of the garments that we supply to you.

The use of lightweight, low maintenance, moisture wicking fabrics in our custom t shirt printing makes our shirts an ideal choice for active wear and our polos and fully buttoned shirts are perfectly suited for casual uniforms in clubs and bars.

From Phuket fight wear to Bangkok football shirts, at PPS we can supply all of your custom clothing needs, across the whole of Thailand and beyond.

In recent years advancements in fabric printing technology has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for custom t shirt printing, and at the vanguard of this progress is Pattaya Print Space, one of the leading sublimation tshirt printing companies, located in the outskirts of Pattaya. In particular, fans of active wear will appreciate the ease in which they can procure custom sublimation t shirts and custom Muay Thai shorts with limitless options of designs and colours to represent their teams and clubs. 

But of course, custom t shirt printing in Bangkok, and indeed the whole of Thailand, reaches a wider audience than custom team shirts; many businesses see the opportunity for distinctive, easy to care for apparel that identifies and promotes their particular enterprise. Custom printed polo shirts are widely used by bars, clubs and restaurants and many examples of printed clothing in Bangkok, Phuket fight wear and esports custom gaming shirts are attributed to the outstanding work of the PPS t shirt printing facility in Pattaya.

With state-of-the-art technology, skilled designers and control over the whole process of creating your custom clothing for Phuket and sublimation printing for Bangkok, PPS provide a first class service that consistently hits the highest of standards. 

If you are searching for high quality tshirt printing in Bangkok or Phuket, perhaps a stand out custom t shirt in Phuket – or any sublimation printing services in Bangkok, Pattaya Print Space provide a stress free and affordable service that will never disappoint.

As one of the foremost sublimation tshirt printing companies in Thailand, Pattaya Print Space meet a huge demand for Phuket fight wear, esports custom gaming shirts, custom Muay Thai shorts and a further wide range of printed clothing in Bangkok, Pattaya and elsewhere across Thailand.

The process of sublimation printing facilitates the production of fully customised clothing that is exceedingly popular not just with sports teams and clubs but also for businesses and events. Logos, slogans, team colours and intricate designs of your own choosing with unlimited colours are all possible on our custom sublimation t shirts and custom printed polo shirts – and all at incredibly affordable prices!

With control over the whole process of producing custom team shirts from design to despatch, at PPS we consistently produce high quality custom t shirt printing for Bangkok and Phuket, and indeed our t shirt printing service is requested across Thailand from a wide range of organisations who want their brand to be instantly recognisable.

When you require custom clothing in Phuket, tshirt printing in Phuket or Bangkok, PPS are only a phone call away, and the experienced and friendly team will waste no time in meeting your needs, using your own designs or alternatively taking advantage of the talented design work from their in-house team.

With an ever-growing customer base and an unquestionable reputation for excellence, Pattaya Print Space can fulfil all of your needs for sublimation T shirt printing in Bangkok or your desire for a custom t shirt in Phuket.

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